There is an election coming up where two people who exhibit un-American and un-Wyoming characteristics, Shay Lundvall and Bob Vomhof, are running for office.

America is supposed to represent the best in the world as far as equality and freedom. To represent freedom we must allow even those we disagree with to speak their minds, and on that front America and Wyoming does a very good job.

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Oh brother...just b/c they aren't raging feminists doesn't mean they're misogynists...good grief.


Who took away the right to vote? The Mayor when she blackmailed Shay into resigning. It wasn't her job to determine how he represents his constituents - it was the job of his constituents.

The Mayor is taking the heat alright - but it has nothing to do with her being a woman - she's the leader and the one that initiated the action.

And did the author actually look at the posts in question or is he just parroting what others are saying? The answer I suspect is the latter.

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