The Library Mob says they are getting tired of coming to meetings … if it’s any consolation to you guys, everyone else is tired of it, too.

I have to confess, in the beginning, I was enraged by what you had to say but now I find it equal parts humorous and entertaining. I mean, one of you managed to get a challenge all the way to the Library Board without having read the entire book you were challenging.

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Thanks Leigh, well stated. Some people forget that the library is for everyone, not a select group of beliefs, or ideas. Good job.

The gardener

You totally miss the point. It's about what books are in the childrens and teen ager section. If excerpts can't be read at a Commissioners meeting, it clearly does not belong in the childrens section, and probably not in the teenagers.. But feel free to put it in the adult section. If you've ever read the Marquis de Sade, you may find out why teenagers die every year by accidental hanging.

Laurie Tusha

Very well said!!! Thank You!!!

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