Mr. Schofield, I’m so happy you are back with your rants and ramblings about how the Democrats are destroying the world. As you kick back in your comfy recliner tuned into Fox Propaganda Network on your big screen TV, let me fill you in on a couple of things from the Democratic side.

“If you can’t win under the present rules, change them,” like when Trump lost the 2020 election and tried to coerce the Republican governors and election officials in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan to just find him a few more votes? Or getting VP Pence to go against the Constitution and not certify the votes? Is it like that?

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Yes indeed, if it wasn’t for Brad overdosing on his Toxic News ‘poop pipe’ and publicly regurgitating in a fever dream, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to correct his rants with so many inconvenient facts. And the Tox News world never know…. Thank you Kathy and Brad.

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