It is somewhat disheartening that the astounding clarity and truth my opinions exude regarding local, state and national issues, as well as seasonal conundrums that crop up and are cordially covered (like when I hit a bad pot hole and my false teeth fell out and bit me in the leg, or when I had to send Lewis and Clark to find the new Campbell County Landfill), are now relegated to only one loading chute per week on Tuesday. My how I miss my daily News Record as the conduit of information to my community.

Hopefully, at some point in time, with great anticipation for the near future, the orange (did I say “orange”?) NR tube will fill up almost daily again, bristling with acutely accurate and insightful observations and predictions, which when printed in a timely manner, often times shed light on the darkest shadows, where the brightest of sunlight is so desperately needed these days.

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