I believe the snow removal sucks in town and in the county. If they had money to spend on Cam-plex, they should spend some on snowplows, front end loaders and graders.

It is pretty poor if they can’t clean all six lanes of Douglas Highway in town and the county roads. We should have enough funds to run the extra equipment to keep them open.

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How long have you lived in Wyoming? You must be a newcomer if you can't deal with a big storm once a year or even every couple of years. The last big storm was on a weekend so no school buses running. Schools are usually closed when a big storm is forecast. It is a waste of money to keep all the equipment you are seeking parked for 99.9% of the year. My guess is you just have an issue with Cam-plex.

The gardener

I can't believe that I agree with Ka12, but on this issue (and probably only this issue), you are right. Snow happens, occasionally. It appears that he expects New York city services in Rozet. His next objective may be a subway, with a stop next to his home.


The only thing that sucks is your ignorant attitude and your me, me, me life! The plow crews did an excellent job with the extreme conditions!

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