Whenever I open the News Record to page A3, I make a hiccup/chuckle/grimacing/gag sound when I see yet another letter from Mr. Brad Schofield. Madame Editor, it is always apparent that Mr. S. writes for his pleasure only.

Why do I say that? It is because Campbell County, WY, is primarily a Republican county in the northeast corner of a Republican state. Does anyone ever wonder why he bothers to write his missives to you, the editor of the News Record? I have given his thought process some thought of my own.

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Clearly you'll miss them, since you've given them so much thought you felt it necessary to write a Letter to the Editor...


Darn, I got 4 more started tonight. Thanks or your support Jill!!!! If we do not stand up for our values and America, I am sure this "pretend" conservative will not. :)


How rude!


No worries sheepbluff, the Norwegian does not cotton' well to "pretend conservatives", the ball will keep rolling, only with even more reserves. Thanks for your support. Many liberals have made RUDE gestures to get me off the page, but so far it hasn't worked, because people like you say what you know. My reply back to her, however, was not posted and kept in this venue.


[thumbdown][thumbdown] Well you must be worried about him to make a post! But you have won the stupidest post award for the last 10 years! Your pathetic!


papaJ, Thank you for your post. The only way to post back to this kind of idiocy is to do it - point blank- and that is what us folks do,

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