The full page ad last Tuesday about the Code of the West is very timely, and thank you for printing the article.

Wednesday’s E-edition speaks volumes as to why your one-page spread is a complete waste of time and energy in Gillette and most likely the majority of Wyoming.

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I agree with Mr. Mahylis.


Please explain to me why the cdc is stating that the flu , cold and pneumonia rates are at all time lows because of masks and social distancing. Then the cdc turns around and states that COVID is rampant because nobody is wearing masks or social distancing!

It is my responsibility to protect myself and my family. It is only the governments responsibility to protect me from crime,. Grow up and grow a set!


You're operating on the false presumption that me (or anyone else for that matter) not wearing a mask causes cannot prove that presumption, thus your points are moot.

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