What does the RNC stand for? I for one am not sure these days. I know they were MIA during the 2020 election. Their website is plastered with all the same old talking points. I know for a fact what DJT and MTG stand for.

I believe the RNC has turned into one big money machine that only benefits the elites within.What does an R or D stand for next to a candidate’s name running for office? I believe that they are just a letter with absolutely no meaning.

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Too bad you can't see past your anger at government as a whole and see that the one Republican who is trying to put the country and Wyoming above the DJT swamp is doing what needs to be done to protect democracy.


“I’ll vote for the person who is willing to SAY they will put the American people first.” Well Chris, that is the root of your problem. Talk is cheap and the GQP supreme court says that corporations are people. So, big money owns the RNC and the GQP now. But they need voters, so they enrage you with faux crises like illegal immigration, rampant crime and canceling Christmas; get your vote and measly contributions then give themselves tax breaks, grants and government contracts. Watch the US House J6 hearings on YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=january+6+committee+hearing ) to see the GQP Attorney General Bill Barr and tRump’s Whitehouse staff tell the truth about how tRump scammed people like you out of $250,000,000 and caused many of them to commit felonies on January 6th 2020. Then vote based on what they do, not what they say.

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