I’m writing in response to the editorials in the May 15 edition by Greg Johnson and Megan McArdle. Hallelujah! Gov. Gordon is ending the supplemental jobless benefits! Kick those deadbeats off the couch! Turn off Netflix! Vacation’s over!

Just how many people do you think are sitting around collecting extra money instead of working? Do you consider the woman who can’t find child care a deadbeat loser? How about the woman taking care of a cancer-stricken family member or other compromised person who is afraid to go back to work in case she inadvertently brings the virus home since three-quarters of Wyoming residents are too “independent” to get the vaccine?

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My God what do you want? Free everything? You don’t have to work for minimum wage, you chose to work for minimum wage! I own my labor, I chose to sell my labor for a lot more than minimum wage! Don’t blame not returning to work on those that chose not to be vaccinated. What happened to “My body, My choice!”? Oh that doesnt apply to those of us who respect life from contraception. In my growing up years, the big push was don’t be pressured into doing drugs by your peers, now we have our government pressuring us to take drugs! Unproven drugs! How’s that common cold vaccine working? What about the flu vaccine, usually no more effective than 50%, and been in around for how many years? If you don’t want to work, don’t! At the same time don’t expect me to work and support you, I have my family to support, and you are not a part of it! Oh, I wish my work boots were only $180, they aren’t, and last about a year, and yes I take care of them! Get a life!


Very few people choose to work for minimum wage. Fact is women get paid less than men for the same job, yet they disproportionately care for the children that you are so concerned with the lives of, a lot of the time by themselves because Daddy got tired of it all and left. A lot of women have to take lower paying jobs in order to have flexible schedules to take care of children. Most of the businesses that are having a hard time finding help are in the restaurant and hospitality industries

because they pay poorly and people have to depend on tips to survive. A lot of these people have gotten other jobs. So don't blame the lack of help on lazy people there are a lot of other factors. As for the vaccine I could care less if you take it, but that is a factor in why we can't get back to normal life. Enjoy your life.

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