Why is there no push by local officials to get people to wear masks and practice social distancing? How is this pandemic going to end? Wait it out, wish it away?

Roger Nelson

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Roger, unfortunately too many people believe masks do nothing. To give you an example, I presented a lot if research in a discussion the other day about how masks have been helping slow the spread and what science is showing, only to he called a mindless sheep. Unfortunately this is not the first time. When a person does not have an argument, they tend to dig in and use personal attacks that get no where.

Cap'n Bumbleguts

Because Gillette is full of "rugged individualists" who ingest nothing but FOX news and right wing memes on Facebook. Step outside of that bubble and you'll see many parts of the world that embrace science while seeing a massive decline in cases.


So unfortunate that people are so against wearing masks. Maybe they will change their minds when the country is forced to shut down again. This could be over by now if the "sheep" who follow Trump could think of others instead of their "rights" to not wear a mask.


I purchased a box of 50 masks at Walgreens. While opening the box, I observed the statement 'Made in China.' Do I trust China for protection? I think not.


Pretty bizarre reason to not wear a mask but I understand your point. There are many YouTube videos on how to make your own mask, you can probably locate someone here in Gillette who is making masks to sell.


If masks are a life or death issue, why aren't Gillette and Campbell County providing free masks to all citizens? College is not a life and death issue; let's use that college buy-out money.

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