Everything in the global climate fear phenomena is either invisible or in a remote inaccessible location or in the future. None of which the average person can go and check on their own but rather must rely on government-funded researchers or an activist who says they have checked it.

Seems strange to me.

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How about checking the water levels in Lake Powell and Lake Mead, counting the increased number and severity of hurricanes, and watching Greenland turn into the next summer vacation spot. Looks like readily available examples of climate change to me.

Cap'n Bumbleguts

Or, you know - you could've paid attention in high school science class when we learned about the effects of increased CO2 in our atmosphere.


Electricity is another strange, invisible and dangerous phenomena in the realm of mysterious experts and government-funded researchers. Hope you don’t doubt it’s dangers too. The result could be shocking.

The gardener

I find many climate related comments to be preposterous. For example: "that was a 500 year flood". Really! Who observed it and measured it 500 years ago? Native Americans? Thermometers that actually had a scale were only invented 300 +/- years ago. Centuries don't even register on earths timeline. Why are saltwater fossils found in Wyoming? How about all the dinosaur fossils?? Records on lake Powell and lake Mead are irrelevant because they could only cover a portion of a century. Just a couple of things to give some thought to.


Give some thought to this, gardener. The USGS predicts 500 year floods using past water level data and scientific calculations. Their website explains how they do this. If you were paying attention to the relative science of climate change you would know that the Southwest has been experiencing a 20 year drought. The water levels in Lake Mead and Lake Powell are at historic lows because the Colorado river doesn't have as much water in it due to the light snowpack in the Rockies. They have closed a lot of the marinas because the water level is so low you can no longer launch boats. Climate change is happening now but if you want to ignore it don't be surprised when it starts affecting you personally.


Short answer: "No!" Long Answer: "it's complex, I would not trust research that depends on a particular outcome being reached before said research is complete" ... one only needs to examine the so-called "climategate" leaks of 2009-era.

Ultimately, it all comes down to incentives, read the book "Freakonomics" and draw your own conclusions, you can probably guess what mine are...

The gardener

Fact! For 13 years I lived in what our government classified as a 100 year flood plain. In those 13 years at that location, I got flooded 3 different times. That's the real world, not some overeducated geniuses guess.


More facts: A 100 year flood plain designation simply means that based on available weather history and current geography, there is a 1% chance of flooding of the whole designated area during a year. Small areas within the 100-year floodplain may flood more often. If the climate changes or the geography changes ( building houses and paving roads increases runoff rates because houses and pavement do not absorb much rainfall ) the old flood plain calculations are no longer valid. If the government doesn’t wish to pay some overeducated geniuses to recalculate the current probability of a flood, home owners and buyers can have a false sense of security.

Since climate change is a hoax, either the geography in your previous flood plain changed, you were located in a small high risk area or the overeducated geniuses were overruled or underfunded by politicians that did not want to devalue their developer friend’s real estate. Good for the developer but obviously not so good for you. Sorry for your bad luck. Since you stuck it out through three floods in thirteen years, you might want to google “doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome”.

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