I thought I would find out first-hand what was going on at the library so I attended a board meeting on July 26. I was a few minutes late so I stood in the back. It was packed. A very good thing.

Within moments, someone began reading out of a book that’s in the teen library section that is evidently in the basement. A mom on the back row began hustling her children out as quickly as possible. What I heard made this cowboy blush and shake his head.

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Very well stated. It's about protecting kids, simple as that.

The gardener

A very delightful, thoughtful, intelligent, and refreshing point of view. I know a few folks that march to a different drummer. I don't understand it, but I do not condemn activities of consenting adults, behind closed doors. Note: adults, and behind closed doors. That does not mean blatant, flagrant and "in your face".

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