The latest Twitter/Letter(s)-to-the Editor eruptions of vilification, demonizing and ahistorical attacks have distracted us from what continues to happen at the Southern border.

We Americans still have camps in which children:

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Mr. Silbaugh, I am sad to say I had you as a teacher in school...still unlearning the liberal propaganda you pushed on us...anyway, can't help but reply to this silliness. These so called "refugees" "illegal aliens"...whatever you want to call them are entitled to NOTHING. Stop invading our country and you won't have to be separated from your children, simple as that. Obviously you think the US which is already hugely in debt can afford to take care of all these invaders. We obviously do not even have enough money to fix our roads let alone feed the 7 billion+ mouths on this planet. I have zero sympathy for these invaders, there are plenty of homeless, poor people in our country to help first.

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