He has been found! It kind of reminded me of the great racing horse Secretariat. Was of the same color, very large and had a very big heart. He just loved his artsy platform that he stood on located on the right side going north off the Gurley overpass.

He enjoyed watching the Legion Baseball games, watching over our National Guardsman, counting the vehicles that would stop at Quik Shop and enjoying watching the vehicles that would travel along Gurley just a few yards from his standing place. He really enjoyed Christmas for he would be decorated with garland, wreaths, etc.

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, this big horse sculpture was something to look at, but I doubt it will be missed. I think the beautification effort on the north end of the overpass has a lot to overcome. It kind of looks like left over wood snow fences. I was sure a sign would be added. Something like "Break It Take It Firewood". it simply is not very appealing at all. Then, lets add sand and weeds and that's about the just of it. Compare that side to across the street with the simplicity and beauty of green grass and a line of beautiful trees. I'll take the grass and trees any day, over the sand, weeds, and junk lumber snow fences.

The gardener

Nello, I think your writing is its own work of art. Beautifully stated and very thoughtful. Your perspective is very delightfully stated.

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