I could not be more proud of the courageous stand Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow took in defying the introduction of the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory in Wyoming schools.

As a Sheridan County School District #3 school board member and mother of two future Wyoming students, I stand with the overwhelming majority of Wyoming parents: We love America and our heritage.

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i agree that children should be taught the truth so why not start with the truth of how this country was stolen from the Native Americans and the prosperity of the early settlers was built on the backs of slave labor. Slaves built the Capitol and Whitehouse. Or do you believe Trump built them?

Cap'n Bumbleguts

The mental gymastics required to think systemic racism doesn't exist in this country is truly astounding. Tucker and Hannity claim another victim.


I stand with you Trinity for saying out loud what is right knowing the backlash you'd probably receive. 1619 & CRT have no other reason then to teach our kids hate. I know our history hasn't had a great past but that's what we learn from. Take that away and we'll just make the same mistakes over again. Sandy

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