Why don’t I write every day like I used to, you may ask?

Far be it from me to exclaim the richness of spring as thine eyes cast upon the budding blossoms of life as well as the ghastly remnants of what used to be an incredibly exciting forum, one that had neighbors flipping pages to see who wrote an opinion this week, and what they declared.

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I wonder Brad, does Biden control what happens in Europe, Asia, or Africa? Inflation and high gas prices are a worldwide problem. The FACTS are that the causes are fallout from Covid lockdowns, supply chain issues, the bird flu pandemic (eggs and chicken), the war in Ukraine, and corporate greed. But so glad you are giving Biden so much power to determine the world economy.


I reread your Oct 27, 2020 “If 'brain-dead' Biden can win, we're sunk” opinion as you requested. Cap'n Bumbleguts’ comment that “You need serious help” still rings true. Sorry your boat sunk. Maybe you should pick a better one next time.

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