Let’s investigate how two words and their definitions have impacted how America is governed. The words are Democracy and Republic.

Conversations about their meanings have had powerful repercussions. Those on the right (and most of the GOP) purposely misapplies their slight difference as a cudgel to hold on to its waning power. It denigrates democracy, calling it the “tyranny of the majority,” without an ounce of irony.

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The gardener

Baloney! You Dems have come up with so much election garbage you should be ashamed. For instance: Voter ID. How many people do you know that don't have a photo ID?? So they can't board an airplene, take a cruise, drive, cash a check, get a document notarized, or see a doctor? Every state that requires a voter ID offers them free to people that don't drive. Who really needs a "drop box" for mail in ballots? The Post Office brings it to you, mark it, and put it in your outgoing mail. Why would anyone put out the effort to find and go to a drop box when the mail is so easy? If you Dems think elections aren't laced with fraud, why do you oppose all of the efforts to audit the recent elections. If they were fair and honest, you should support the audits to prove your point. But you know fraud occurred and you want it hidden.


Poor people don't fly, take cruises, in many cases don't own cars. Poor people can't afford the fees associated with getting acceptable forms of ID since many states have strict requirements on what they will accept. Democrats don't have a problem with presenting ID they have a problem with making it harder for black, Latino, the elderly, and poor people of any color to vote. Voter fraud exists and it is minimal, look it up. The is a good article from the Heritage Foundation that shows exactly the extent of voter fraud. The 2020 election was fair. Election laws should make it possible for every American to vote without jumping through unnecessary hoops.

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