On Monday, Feb. 27, I attended the library board meeting. As I sat there and listened to all the proceedings and speakers, I was astonished as to why we are even discussing this issue. It should be a NO-brainer as to where these books belong. They are pure filth disguised as books for children and they are not even disguised! The authors and those who are trying to sell us on these books aren’t even hiding the true facts on the content. They leave nothing to the imagination as they teach children all the aspects of having sex with all genders, ages and yes, even our youngest vulnerable little ones who should be playing and being kids like we were allowed to be growing up.

Books like these are not science, biology or any other benefit to our kids or, for that matter, adults. They are just plain pornography! I would dare say the News Record could not even print the contents of these books or show pictures or diagrams that are contained in these books.

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“The library belongs to all the people and if I’m not mistaken, were only asked to remove certain books to the adult section.” Well Steve, you are seriously mistaken. Last year, in response to GayPride Month and a magician that was a trans, the local chapter of the BWS mounted protest after public protest because we can’t have these people in our town. As a demonstration of their faith in government, the Bennetts made a criminal complaint against the library board and library director for committing a crime by “offering for dissemination obscene material”. This complaint was rejected because the material was not found to be obscene. Somewhat chastised, the BWS reduced their demands to ‘just move the books’ while proposing ridiculous rule changes that threatened termination of any library employee that didn’t strictly abide by the BWS code as defined by the Sisti sect. Now, you wish to “follow suit”. Where does it stop? Do we need to drown some witches and hang a few adulterers to make you feel righteous? You might want to read Luke 16:18 before answering that and do some research on what God thinks of hypocrites before it’s too late.


God would not condone this kind of garbage in the hands of children. Perhaps it is you who needs to have your nose in the good book.


Maybe your god doesn't really care about the kids nearly as much as making money and gaining power by pretending to be so sanctified and holy. Let's see your god smoke the books that you find so offensive. Until then, your god is a false god.

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