This is in response to Deb Michaels’ rant! I was born and raised here. In my 54 years, I have never seen something quite as offensive as this letter.

I, for one, am happy to be living in Gillette, Wyoming, away from the progressiveness of the East. If you find loving God and your country offensive, you need to leave. If you find helping your neighbor and standing firm on Christian principles offensive, you need to leave!

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I agree with this letter 100%, including "If you think that censoring anyone is OK, you need to leave!" But I do chuckle, because isn't that our side doing the censoring now?


I don't think so. I think we are finally standing up to people like this who want to spread the liberal agenda. She can say anything she wants, I support that but if she is so miserable living here, she should find another place to live which suits her tastes better. Our town doesn't have to change to suit her.


Amen, Jodie!


Agree w/you VERY STRONGLY. I do not understand why ppl continually choose to live where it's apparent they hate it. I believe anyone who has something to say be able to say it but if you hate our beautiful town that much THEN MOVE.


Ok so because some people don't agree with you they should leave town, leave the country, leave the planet? I did not see anything in Deb Michaels letter indicating that she hates Gillette. Way to be compassionate Christians people.


Ka12, the GNR is clever titling my letter as they did. Haha! They missed the mark completely but no matter. To answer your questions, no she doesn't have to leave. Deb made it perfectly clear she despises this town and most of its citizens. If I hated a place like she hates this town, I would leave. She is free to leave since she hates this place. No one is begging her to stay. However, Gillette is mostly conservative and most Gillette citizens like it that way and the liberal left agenda is not welcome here. I'm not sorry I told her to leave and won't apologize for it. If you feel that is unchristian of me, that's fine. Christian conservatives have finally found a voice. Brace yourself to hear more if it.


"Christians people?" How about "Christian people"? At least when you liberals try to twist the knife into our belly of freedom, please try to spell and use punctuation correctly.


Jodie, when I read your response, all I could feel and understand is the hate that it seems you are carrying. Is that what you want others to take from your response?

but what if

The takeaway should be righteous indignation, not hate. Look up the word definitions.


Quite the contrary, more like righteous indignation. You may not mind your friends, neighbors, family and coworkers being slammed by Mrs. Michaels' letter, but I do mind! Our town, while not perfect, is a wonderful place to live. I've seen people come together in times of crisis to help those in need, regardless of political affiliation. It is people like Deb Michaels who are true Debbie Downers. She doesn't see the good in this town, the amazing people, no all she can do is complain how it doesn't suit HER, how she despises Gillette's conservative citizens. In a time when America is in crisis, instead of trying to unify people, she points out what disgusts her and tries to take the national problems and bring them to Gillette Wyoming and try to divide people. Sorry, not sorry, if you want to rally around people like Deb, by all means do so but don't expect smart Gillette citizens to rally with you. We are sick of the liberal agenda and we will fight against it whether you like it or not.


All I can say to this is "Portland Oregon".


Got the libs going with this one! Great job, and I agree, move on if it is so offensive here!

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