Regarding Kathy Halvorsen’s opinion “Both parties capable of harm,” I can only say that the proof is in the inactions of our feckless and brain-dead president. Everyone has seen this, and no amount of coverup will change it.

First: $1 or even more per gallon to fill up our tanks. Brain-dead Biden killed the pipeline and thousands of jobs on his first day. Our very way of life — destroyed by someone other than Biden, (Obama) and the whole world knows it.

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No Brad you are waving your flag for Fascism, a narcissistic dictator, inequality, voter suppression, and the eventual downfall of America.


Nice try Ka12. Now, give me some facts, oh, shoot, you have none - as usual......


Like you say - "As long as it makes you feel better, let it out." More facts for you to mindlessly deny. Why bother?



The gardener

Atta Boy Brad. She is really radical. Must be a terribly unhappy person about how her life has turned out. She hasn't a clue about fascism. Must think the Antifa's are just out promoting free speech, instead of being the Democrat version of Hitlers brown shirts. However, you didn't mention all the Democrats suing to stop election audits. They must know something was fishy, or they would promote audits to prove the elction was clean:)


Sure, let’s audit the 2016 election too. We need to find out how many votes Putin cast for his useless idiot. And if anyone is unhappy, it’s obviously you and Brad. You guys should go all in and join the next capital incursion sponsored by the tRumpys and stop whining. Or is that all you can do?




Sword of truth for Brad: Voting machine suits have proven that the tRump lawyers and Tox Views (formally Fox News) personalities were lying about the machine’s vulnerabilities. Now Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell and others will have to pay for their lies. Sword of Truth indeed.


Sword of truth for Brad: The national debt rose by almost $7.8 trillion during tRump’s time in office. He is the self-proclaimed “King of Debt”. And yet you whine about giving “our next generations a debt they cannot pay.”


Sword of truth for Brad: New Repub voter ID laws aren’t just about ID’s. They restrict voting times so people have to stand in line for hours. They make it illegal to give water or food to a person standing in a line to vote. They restrict voting by mail which wasn’t a problem until Democrats used it. Then tRump’s mob tried to slow down the mail by destroying post office sorting machines.

Cap'n Bumbleguts

Brad really throwing in all the scare words. Socialism! Communism! You have been playing that record since the 50s. Get a new shtick already.


Mr. Schofiled, while I appreciate your persistence, I think it's time we admit that the people like Ms. Halvorsen would be far happier living in their utopian dream, so I suggest we let them have it...

It's time for a peaceful divorce. We need to break free from tyrannical blue dictators. The United States has failed, due entirely to liars like Ted Kennedy, LBJ, and the foolish Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965...




"I have a MA in computers..." Lol. Is that what it said on your mail order certificate, Brad? "You are hearby beastowed with a MA in computers..."😂🤣

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