In response to Kathy Halvorsen, “that religion should not dictate other’s beliefs.” Neither should non-religion dictate other’s beliefs. People are being intimidated into accepting the LBGTQ agenda, witness a local church being vandalized for speaking out against this agenda.

Freedom of speech should allow every person in this great country the freedom to speak out against those things they find wrong or that they disagree with without being labeled, harassed or intimidated, regardless of the issue.

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The intimidators become the intimidated and then whine that their freedom of speech has been curtailed. Maybe you should reconsider your ‘teaching’ techniques. Hint: A little more Holy Spirit with a lot less condemnation, control and rage. Your misinterpretation of Matthew 28:20 led to the bloody crusades of the middle ages and do not justify your post-modern crusade techniques. Lead by example with the love and humility of Christ; not pride and political intimidation.


Well said FactChecker


Are you 100% certain the vandalism of this church was carried out by the LGBTQ community? I'm more likely to think it was carried out by certain people who just wanted an excuse to paint something. And at any rate the LGBTQ community bought paint and fixed the vandalism so why continue to down this path?

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