Your prompt liberal response to parents and politicians such as Del Shelsted and members of the community, including medical doctors and educational professionals, who don’t believe children have a “right” to have porn at our local library at taxpayers expense is no surprise. Thanks, Commissioners Shelsted and Faber, for having courage. They defend the defenseless. The liberals of our community; not so much.

To be clear, adult sexual materials should be moved to the adult section. “Banning books” and “Nazis” are the accusations the librarians and politicians use. If the merits of the presumptuous liberal position were argued, that would be a very tough position to defend. So let’s go with insults, right? Discussion involves critical thinking and addressing the issues in the public forum. Attacking and name calling beats discussion when you have no case. Let’s look into the issues, Ms. Turner!

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Critical thinking requires a brain and the ability to use it instead of blindly following some perverse conspiracy thought up by fake religious fruitcakes.

The gardener

A very intelligent analysis of the situation. I applaud you for your courage, your ability to sum up the situation, and present your view. I see the extreme left is already down to name calling, but that's what they usually do.


Oh gardener that's so nice coming from someone who supports the Name-Caller in Chief, thank you.

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