“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!” Boy, oh boy! There’s smoke in Campbell County. What’s on fire?

Checking the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate map, like I would a lightning strike blotter after a hot summer storm, I see the potential source of ignition. The source, I gather, is bad, bad people. Haters, even! Oh, dear. How ever has it come to this? According to the SPLC, which is recognized by the FBI as an authority on “hate”, we have a hate group right here! It’s called MassResistance. Well, golly gee. Shouldn’t somebody do something? Trust the experts!

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It's a sick, sick, sick world we live in. Soon there will be books advocating the rights of pedophilia and how it is no longer taboo to have relations with a child. Oh wait, there already is. Are the professional librarians going to order those books too?


GilletteNative, the paid troll, is back! Yeah! Following troll rules too – if you can’t win an argument with reason and logic, bring out the strawmen, pedophiles and imagined 8-year-old masturbation in this case. But I must agree, YOUR world is definitely sick and gets sicker by the day.


In my world, we don't groom or indoctrinate children. We don't think it is ok for children to read sexually explicit material at a young age, nor do we jump at first chance to change their gender at 3 years old simply because they say they want to be the opposite gender. No, that's your sick world that you defend.


Well please name three of these children or admit that you are making it all up. Silence is admission.


Per your comment on March 9, 2023: "Little children at three years old believe in Santa Clause, the tooth fairy and think puppets are real." Who indoctrinated them to believe those myths? And when they get a little older and find out it's all fake, do you think they are going to believe that a man lived 2,000 years ago raised the dead, healed the sick, walked on water and is waiting for them in heaven. You have already lied to them about Santa Clause, the tooth fairy and puppets. Why should they continue to believe you? Your world is sick and based on lies. No wonder you need to demonize others so you can feel good about yourself.


Speaking of the GilletteNative’s sick, sick, sick world. Focus on the Family is a fundamentalist Protestant organization founded in 1977. If you check its website https://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/childhood-sexual-development-age-0-3/ you’ll find this information: “Beginning in the womb, childhood sexual development impacts your children in a variety of ways. Sexual development for 0-3 year olds not only involves your child’s physical changes, but their mental changes as well. Even at this age and stage, your child will begin their collection of knowledge and beliefs involving these topics.” “What’s Normal: Questions about gender differences. Curiosity involving private body parts, which might lead to self-stimulation in public or private. “Bathroom talk” especially as you begin potty training.” Self-stimulation in public! Guess that WalMart flasher just might be a Sisti fundamentalist.

OMG!!! I hope the library’s web filth filter blocks this site. The fundamentalist Protestants are sexualizing their children! They even have a section titled “Healthy Sexual Development for 0-3 Year Olds” which puts paid to the MassResistance bs that three year olds are oblivious to S E X. Someone call Sage!!! RED ALERT, RED ALERT, RED ALERT!!!

Howie Dewitt

Um, Republicans are the ones trying to do away with underage marriage. Maybe you should stop voting against your best interests for a change.


Boy, oh boy, is right! Good thing this piece of fiction is located under the opinion tab because this letter-to-the-editor is one whopper of misinformation. Good thing the good people of Gillette know that opinion doesn't equal fact; otherwise, we might be fooled by this shameless propaganda.

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