Please allow a few lines about what is called “The Trump Bump,” increasing daily due to the absolute insanity of the liberals and the total hypocrisy and outright lies they put forth each and every day to the American people.

The liberals are more desperate now than at any time in the history of our country after trying almost every deception, corruption and lie known in the swamp, as the presidential election comes near. Why? To defame and try to destroy a duly elected, extremely effective president who did not originate from the D.C. swamp, does not play games nor take bribes, and to regain power over the people to not only change, but to destroy our American way of life to socialism and worse.

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Cap'n Bumbleguts

The mental gymnastics you're using to blame "liberals" for the giant mess Trump has created is truly astounding. You need help.


What you've written here is exactly on point son. The radical libs and just radical ppl all together have lost their minds. They want to take down America anyway they can and do not care who they hurt while doing it. In my opinion if a person doesn't like living in America then leave. No one's stopping you. Quit taking the innocent down with you


Will we still have our America?

Have no fear Brad. The America you describe exists only in your mind and you will always have it if you continue feasting on Fox News and Breitbart rubbish. Please continue consuming their hogwash and regurgitating it here for everyone’s amusement.


It is so good to see others finally admitting it hasn't been "our America" for a while now. With an American president in for another term, a new generation might actually get to witness the "our America" we old-timers so fondly remember.

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