Seldom am I so incensed at the “no-brains” Republicans in our state that I should have to convey this publicly, especially on a revered venue that I have planked for decades. But the truth is the truth, and here I am again, and I will continue as our fight for truth and for small government attempts roll along, with almost no help from our so called “Republicans.”

Seldom do I ever make a statement on the opinion page against what I once believed were my compadres, however now, when you get me rolling against my own team after four decades of cheering on Republicans”, boys and girls and voters, (including Gov. Gordon), you got troubles.

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What about the larger point, sure he lost his cool, happens to the best of us...the bigger question is, why is our Gov concerned so much about offending the Red Communist Chinese? We should support the Republic of China (aka Taiwan) not the Marxists that overthrew the rightful government of China currently based on the island of Taiwan.

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