To Mr. Clem,

Excuse me but I am a little confused by your appeal to the County Commissioners to not follow the governor’s mask order. If I remember your years in the Legislature you have been a loud proponent of the pro-life philosophy. You proposed legislation reflecting that view in nearly every session of the Legislature.

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It is so simple to do a kindness for those of us who are, let’s say, high mileage; to empathize with folks whose employment requires them to wear a mask all shift; to acknowledge the challenge facing nurses and doctors. For as generous a community as is Gillette, it’ no sacrifice to mask up for crowded situations, give everyone their personal space, learn to smile with eyes and body language, and nod from 6 feet when greeting someone new. Or to remember, when we do those things, those we’ve lost and the loved ones they’ve left behind.


Well said.


Well said.


Excellent Judy!!! What say you Scott??????


This makes me laugh! Are you diligent in washing your hands continuously? Are you using hand sanitizer before going shopping and after? After every time you touch a public surface? After opening a public door? Before you adjust your mask for the millionth time? Sorry, but masks do not work. If you aren't constantly sanitizing, you are going to catch the virus. Masks are a farce! And I too have recovered from Covid 19. The next thing you will say needs to happen is everyone should be vaccinated to prevent the spread. Obviously you don't believe in individual freedom and are compliant to anything the government says even if it does restrict your rights as a free human being. Sad!!!

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