I wear a mask because:

The CDC recommends it. (I believe in the agency’s efficacy, despite recent defunding and the hollowing out of professional scientists.)

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Thank you Norm.


Thank you for your thoughts Norm. I also wear a mask for the same reasons. I wonder if the people who choose not to wear a mask understand that their actions could lead to a resurgence of the spread and thereby negate all our stay at home suffering. Probably not.

Christy G

Thank you, Norm for saying so succinctly what I have been thinking. I try to avoid establishments where people are not wearing masks, as I don't feel safe going in. We don't want to have to go back to more strict measures.


Spare us your sanctimonious virtue signalling...what's it that your camp says? "My body, my choice".

Here's where I'm at, if you are so afraid then you are more than welcome to live in your quarantine bubble.u Do not force your neuroses upon the rest of us...the rest of us will continue to live, if you didn't know, nobody gets out alive...


Good one Jill, only thing is wearing a mask isn't just about your body it's also about everyone else's body you come into contact with. What's so difficult about wearing a mask for a few months to get this virus spread under control faster so we can all get back to normal life? I hope you non mask wearers are going to be able to support all the small businesses in our community because I will join the mask wearers in refusing to frequent establishments that don't have precautions in place.

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