Unfortunately, I voted for Liz Cheney. To say the least, I am very disappointed in her.

President Trump did a lot for Wyoming in cutting through regulations for oil and gas and the coal industry. These industries are a huge part of our good jobs and tax base for our state.

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To answer your question – you voted for a “carpetbagger swamp creature” because the Republican cult backed her. Now, as in any cult, if a cult member stands up for something that is not blessed by the cult leader, they are ostracized and abused by the faithful followers. That discourages the other cultists from having independent thoughts and thereby maintains discipline within the cult. Ms Liz did the right thing. If you don’t understand that, it’s because you don’t want to understand it. You don’t want to be ostracized and abused by the other cult faithful so you parrot the Republicult dogma that Trump is a god and democrats are devils. However, I’m glad to see that you finally realized that “We are fed lies in order to gain our votes.”; it could signal the beginning of the end of the Wyoming Republicult.


I thought your letter was really good, Fred! Great to hear from you!!

The gardener

Well said. The dimwit, so called "fact checker" is just another extreme liberal and should be ignored. I didn't like Cheney from the beginning, when she started her campaign with three fundraisers. The fundraisers were in Chicago, D. C., and Denver. I have a hard time believing she was ever a real resident of Wyoming. In case you may have forgotten, in that primary, 60% of the voters voted for someone else. Unfortunately there were too many candidates.


Thank you, so called “gardener”, for illustrating my point. You should be careful with the ignoring play though, it’s overuse can (maybe has?) lead to ignorance. You’ll need all the ignoring capacity that you have to ignore the coming Wyoming Republicult tax hikes as the local economy slows and the Wyoming Republicult tries to keep spending. Of course, after ignoring Trump’s lies, maleficence and ineptitude for years; you are probably well on your way to ignoring your way to ignorance. Godspeed gardener, the Wyoming Republicult will need you.

Cap'n Bumbleguts

You pro-Trump traitors tried to overturn a legal election. If you want a dictatorship so bad, move to North Korea.

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