Dear Editor,

The Commissioners have proposed to cut one cent funds from youth services for the library, which provides services to all families and youth in our community. Campbell County has only two free places for families to enjoy, the wonderful city and county parks and the library. All because some citizens are offended by less than thirty books that provide age-appropriate sexual information, information about where babies come from, what sex is, what it means to be a gay person.

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I am sure they would get there funding back if the old cow running things at the library would provide the info the commissioner requested! She is the problem!

jill cannot run a country, let alone a county without compromise. I think the Director should resign for the good of the community. She is supposed to be a leader for all stakeholders of the library in CC, not just the so-called "religious zealots" let alone the other side. If the Director actually cared about the library and its longterm success, she would resign and let someone less controversial take the helm.




How sad that you need to resort to name calling.


No names, just a fact! To think that library gets 3.5 million + a year is sickening! The bloated salary of the employees is such a waste!


No papaJ, the library will only get their funding back when the citizens of Gillette stand up to the religious zealots who started this mess and when the citizens of Gillette vote certain county commissioners out.


Ahhh, there are not enough of you to vote anyone out!


Oh, think again, papaJ, there are a lot of people other than the few Democrats in Gillette who are appalled at the activity of a few county commissioners.

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