January 6, 2021 a coup nearly overturned the election and thus destroy our democracy. Every U.S. elected official and federal employees should be denouncing that day’s heinous actions at the top of their voices, condemning those who participated in the riot and work to find out how this coup was planned and organized.

Elected officials denounced Trump for his actions right after the riot. Quickly they were silenced. Two Republicans stood up and remained determined to investigate the 6th of January riot – Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) and Adam Kinzinger (R-Illinois). All elected officials and government employees take an OATH to the CONSTITUTION. Not to a person or a party but to our U.S. Constitution. Where are these people and why aren’t they upholding their oaths?

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Why were Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's 5 picks to serve on the committee vetoed by Pelosi?


Because they were involved in the insurrection. That's why they are lawyered up, taking the 5th and refusing to testify. That and they are a bunch of crooks.


What insurrection? The only thing that happened that day was mostly peaceful protests. If there was an insurrection, that senile buffoon would be in jail...


Definition of insurrection: a violent uprising against an authority or government.

If you are not aware of the violence at the US capitol on January, 2021, here’s a url to a video from FQX entertainment (not the news according to their own lawyers).


FQX: “Former Vice President Mike Pence and his security detail feared for their lives during the Capitol riots last year, according to a Secret Service official during the eighth Jan. 6 hearing.”

Not even FQX uses the term “mostly peaceful protests” now. You need to catch up. And the senile buffoon is on his way to the big house. Justice is slow but his draft dodger shin splints won’t allow him to escape unless Putin airlifts him back to Mother Russia. You should send him some money though, like the good and faithful follower you must be.


Also, because Leader Pelosi understands the importance of this committee and didn't want it to devolve into a Jim Jordan / Trumper circus. Which would have happened with the people McCarthy wanted to appoint.

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