I would like to address the Bertchs’ concerns of the Mount Pisgah Cemetery beautification and sculpture programs as well as the concert in the gardens series. I truly feel sorry for the Bertchs that they believe that the cemetery is a place for sorrow and mourning only.

I realize that losing a loved one is an extremely sorrowful time in one’s life, but I also consider the cemetery as a place of remembrance and a place for celebration of life. I come from a longtime Campbell County homesteading family. I was born and raised in Gillette and have lived most of my 86 years in Gillette. I don’t have enough space to list all of my family members interred at Mount Pisgah, which includes my wife of 52 years.

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Its great we can have our own opinions and agree to disagree. The problem you can’t seem to see is your spending large amounts of TAX payer monies without community approval. Something YOU like is not something the tax payers should pay for. Being your on the board, you should be ashamed of spending community money for “you”!


As a taxpayer I approve of the way the cemetery board handles the funding.


They need to return to reality, they are totally out of control!

Its quite obvious they don’t listen to the majority of the county!


Disgraceful! A cemetery is not a place for concerts and other vanity projects from the board(s) that seem oblivious to the fact Gillette and Campbell County are in decline, tighten your belts you fools! Let alone, how disrespectful to the deceased!

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