I want to thank ex-judge and library board member Charlie Anderson for his revelatory performance Aug. 12 at the meeting between county commissioners and the library board.

His feigned ignorance regarding obscene gay propaganda piece “This Book Is Gay” by James Dawson, filed in our library’s youth collection, was sublime.

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Mr Bennett, 1) Do whats right for your family, quit trying to force you ignorant blabber on other family’s who actually know how to be parents! 2) Fill out the needed paperwork and submit it if you have a problem, quit thinking you don’t have to follow rules. 3) If you don’t want YOUR kids in the library, keep the home. Its not your right to tell other parents how they wish to raise their kids. Basically, please quit being an idiot instead of throwing a fit and name calling when you don’t get your way, or know how to express yourself!


No Bennet, looking back at the July 7th commissioners meeting, your group was calling for censorship of LGBTQ material. As this thing as progressed and you've taken flack from the community you moved toward saying just take certain books about of certain sections. It still really comes down to your hatred of LGBTQ people and your group is willing to lie, slander, and misconstrue facts.


Couldn't have said it better myself. It's a shame that people don't see the nastiness on the library shelves and actually advocate for it being there. Shows how truly disgusting we humans have become when we condone sexual material like that to be accessible to young children. Morals went out the window, I'm afraid.

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