Rural hospitals in financial trouble should concern everyone. Even our beautiful hospital here in Gillette and our beautiful long-term care facility Legacy Living Center are at the heart of this issue. This is not just affecting someone else somewhere else it will affect every person living in this region.

Some things you might want to consider:

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...what is "Affordable Health Insurance", exactly?


My guess is it would be insurance that doesn't cost more than your monthly house payment and that provides you with actual coverage you can use. What do you think it is?


The insurance that I am forced to buy by law wether I want or needed it . Sounds great to me as long as someone else is paying for it.

Cap'n Bumbleguts

Or or - Now hear me out here. How about a "single payer" system that cuts out the coverage-denying insurance companies altogether? People would pay for their healthcare through "taxes" instead. Taxes would go up a bit, but the overall cost of care would come down, so people would be paying less overall. This is something that the rest of the industrialized world figured out decades ago. Their citizens pay less, get better health outcomes, and generally live longer than Americans.

Or we can keep tying healthcare to employment and when the next pandemic comes along we can all go bankrupt when we're out of a job, again.


Hope someday we can get to exactly this option. Just need a few people to learn the math, and not yell socialist whenever it is brought up.

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