First of all, I would like to admit that I was wrong. Democrats, and the Biden campaign in particular, have definitely remembered history, and have taken it to heart.

A gentleman in the 20th century by the name of Adolf Hitler once said, “lt is easier to fool the masses with a big lie, than with a small one.” Case in point, the election campaign, and this week’s results in particular. As the night of Nov. 3 was winding down, Trump was well within striking distance of victory, and was apparently leading in almost all the battleground states still not called. These were most prominently Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia.

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Cap'n Bumbleguts

Cool unhinged, non-sequitor opinion piece. The election went for Biden because Trump told his knuckle dragging supporters not to vote by mail. Trump won in states where mail in ballots prevailed so your logic falls apart. Try harder.


Exactly on target here. This is the biggest election fraud in the history of the country, and it was predicted before it ever happened. The media and big tech are still censoring the facts once again but freedom and election integrity may yet prevail. This cannot stand as it is, or we will never have another fair election again.


I wonder why if the Democrats cheated in ousting the lunatic they didn't also cheat to oust Moscow Mitch and Lindsey Graham Cracker? This election should show you all that Republicans remained true to their cause by voting for their down ballot candidate while rejecting Trump. Trump LOST! The Republicans still won a lot and they should accept the defeat of the biggest loser and let us get on with putting the country back together.


"First of all, I would like to admit that I was wrong."

You could have stopped there instead of continuing to be wrong. Very wrong, over and over again....



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