Dear Editor,

Over the past year and a half, many of our town and county’s populous have become extremely embarrassed by our public “hot” topics, causing concern for our town’s positive and welcoming reputation of the past apparently. Besides the horrendous library issues bringing unfavorable local and national attention, now the magnifying glass reveals even more intolerance, prejudice, discrimination, fear mongering and worse. Irresponsible remarks regarding Guatemalans landing at the airport and possibly being refugees were made by Rep. John Bear in a legislative meeting in Cheyenne this week. His comments fuel the imaginary, antiquated and irrational world of not only himself, but also his cronies, both in and out of politics. We who oppose these antics and agendas have learned, progressed, matured and become accepting of people. For our society and society, it is progress. Diversity is base and good for our country and for humanity.

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Cap'n Bumbleguts

We have Trump, FOX news, and the right wing angertainment machine to thank for this. It's sad to see what Gillette has become.


I refuse to believe that this is what Gillette has become. The racist, homophobic and mysogynistic fear mongering from the vocal few on the far right of this community must be held accountable during public meetings and during elections. Gillette must, and can be, better than they reflect.


You are correct. There are many decent people here, and some are starting to speak up.


Yes, we can take back Gillette if we show up at county commissioner meetings, city council meetings, library and school board meetings and speak out about this hatefulness. Then vote for good people in next elections.

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