Campbell County Attorney, Mitch Damsky, during the public forums for re-election waved Tyler Martinson’s wrongful conviction for child abuse in the air like it was a trophy. The very unfortunate baby involved was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Yet, despite the medical evidence, now from three experts, Damsky chose to move forward with 10 of the initial 31 felony charges against Tyler. EDS, a genetic connective tissue disorder, with DNA markers, can cause fragile bones — enabling even minor movements, such as diaper changes, to cause significant bone fractures. In spite of this, the jury found Tyler guilty of six LESSER felony charges of “reckless” not “intentional” abuse.

It’s important to note that many, many prosecuting attorneys throughout the nation, most recently in Cheyenne, drop all abuse charges after learning of an EDS diagnosis ... not Damsky ... because he needed an election-year win, a “Hail Mary” at the continuing expense of tax payer dollars and at the expense of an innocent man.

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Hmmm, Your a nurse so that makes you an expert? Sounds like many people disagree with you!


I'd say being a trained nurse makes her more of an expert than you. Maybe you are ok with poorly meted justice but I'm not.

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