As I've watched Gillette from afar since leaving in 2013, I cannot say that I'm completely surprised at how this community has continued to divide itself even in the face of growing challenges that deserve attention and consensus.

The events that have unfolded regarding the library performance by Mikayla Oz and the response from members of the community are not only disappointing, but the exact reason why Gillette will continue to bleed the labor and intellectual talent that it so desperately needs to survive in what will no doubt be a coal-free future.

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Stop your indocrination and sexualizing our children and there wouldn't be a problem. Groups that push their sexual deviancy on people and demand that they recognize it as normal are the problem. Groups that indoctrinate and sexualize our kids are the problem!! Christians that stand up to this are not the problem. They are the people who actually love and care for adults and most certainly children. I'm happy you left. Just one less that we have to deal with.


Thank you for your response, you have only highlighted the exact reason that Gillette will continue to suffer and lose bright and talented minds. You, your friends, and your neighbors may have these views but I assure you that you are, in fact, the minority. When individuals such as yourself talk about the "sexualization of children" it's often people like you that are the first to ask a four-year-old boy if he has a girlfriend or ask a young girl if she has a crush at school. What is it about sexualization that is one-sided to you? To point out, gender and sexual identity have nothing to do with sex itself, but you wouldn't know that as it's very clear that you have done no actual research on this topic. The interesting part here is that the LGBTQ+ community has no interest in indoctrination, we are simply here to love and accept people for who they really are with no agenda, which is far more than I can say for the evangelical and Christian communities. I might not be in Gillette any longer but make no mistake, I will continue to fight, advocate, and help people in my hometown community and beyond.


Jesse Ray I hope you know that the majority of people in Gillette do not follow the bigotry and do not accept the hate displayed by people like Scott Clem. It is very sad that they will not learn about the LGBTQ community and accept these people for who they are. Instead they choose to allow their fear and religious intolerance to prevail.

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