Well, people we can now only buy groceries at Don’s without a mask. What a crock.

Maybe we can charter a bus to Rapid City.

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Cap'n Bumbleguts

Mistaking a common sense public safety initiative for your imagined political oppression is "a crock".


But where is the logic when we all touch the same key pads in the post office, banks, stores. And the same pens! I have complained about that for 20 years...and that is still going on. Well, at least they aren't putting the pens in their mouths now...maybe...


My personal favorite is in the booze shop at Albertson's, in the checkout lines.

They put a plastic cover over the credit card reader buttons, then we all touch the same plastic cover. They don't change it between customers and I believe they've given up on wiping it down with disinfectant too.

Sneeze guards for the salad bar at the cash register remain in place.


Since none of the stores are enforcing their own mask wearing policies there is not much point in having them. So feel free to shop and spread your germs wherever you like. Maybe you all will get the message once this thing is so out of control a total shut down is mandated again in order to not over burden hospitals. As for touching keypads, pens, etc. that is what hand sanitizer is for but the only thing that will slow the spread of airborne virus particles is a MASK.


"The sky is falling!" ...sounds absurd when you hear it like that doesn't it? Good grief, get a grip, if the "pandemic" was actually that dangerous don't you think the grocery stores and other "essential" workers would be dead by now? My husband is an "essential" worker in health care and we've yet to die...makes you think, huh?

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