Ninety thousand hours. One-third of someone’s life.

This is the amount of time that the average person spends at work. Imagine spending those 90,000 hours in a work environment that many would deem hostile and unacceptable. You are treated differently, called derogatory names, and, at times, may even feel unsafe in your place of employment. Why is this happening? Because you are simply being your authentic self.

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The gardener

No! Absolutely not. We do not all perform our jobs the same. Some excel at quantity, or quality. Some employees are assets to their business, or even government, enterprise, while some folks are unfortunately liabilities. There are also people in the work force that are abrasive, divisive and have an agenda. We do not need another category of "victims" looking to enrich themselves in the courts.


Let me see if I have this right, you don't think LGBTQ people should have the same rights to a safe workplace as straight white men? You think they are not as good of workers as straight white men? Sounds to me like you want a little victim sympathy for yourself.

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