After reading Roger Johnson’s editorial on Friday, “Money for sports and not school safety,” I felt the need to write.

Though not enough, there are currently seven school resource officers (SROs), and there are currently discussions between the city and the school district to increase the number of SROs. Please write your City Council members to express your support: This would be one and a much safer approach than arming teachers and staff.

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First, you referred to an article that had absolutely nothing to do with wy and its people. Second, your opinion is just that. 75% of those that made their voice heard, was for it. That leaves 25% that didnt want it. Its a bit late for those that sat idle and said or did nothing to voice what they want to see. The option was there. I could care less what some reporter that has never been in wy has to say about how we run our state. Dont like something, vote! Have an opportunity to share your opinion, do that when its presented. Dont complain when you dont get your way because you made the decision to not when the opportunity was there.

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