Well the Campbell county GOP is even farther down the rabbit hole than I imagined. The 10-point contract that was outlined in the recent paper shows exactly how off the rails the Republican Party is.

Really? You need to force your elected leaders to sign some bizarre contract in order to govern effectively? Sounds like something out of 1940 Germany.

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I usually don't agree with Kathy but she's right on here! Don't think its all us republicans though...there is hope that the rest of us left still have some common sense!


I believe there are a lot of decent Republicans who know the value of democracy and haven't fallen under the hateful spell of Trump. I hope you all can help turn this around and get America back on a good track forward.


Biden and harris have both stated they will take firearms! As far as the scarcity of firearm and ammo, it is similar to the toilet paper shortage of March/April, panic buying and stocking up! I do know that since March, the purchase of firearms is up over 300%, and a good number of those purchases are first time buyers! I know I purchase ammo ever chance I get!

I no longer trust ANY democrat, liberal or progressive, local, state or national!


Neither Biden or Harris has said they will take your guns, that is just false BS. You all said Obama was going to take your guns away and guess what you still have them. It's too bad you are so scared of democracy.


Yes I am scared of a democracy! We live in a constitutional republic! If we ever become a democracy, our country is sunk! I don’t understand the liberal/socialist/democratic/progressive thinking. The United States is not a democracy, and I pray to God we never become a democracy!

Yes biden and harris have both stated they will confiscate firearms, look it up!


Not wasting my time to look it up if you are so sure it is true provide your source. You don't seem to concerned about Fascism though, are you?


Rezident, thank you for clarifying for me what kind of government we have. I looked it up here.


I will still believe we have a democracy for now since our government is supposed to be by the people, for the people, and of the people. Although I see Fascism fast approaching on the horizon.

Please provide your source for the myth that Biden and Harris want to take your guns away.

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