In a recent News Record article, Rep. Hallinan referred to a white paper developed by the Joint Committee on Education in 2016. The paper suggests five solutions which could modify or reduce education funding. He stated that the paper “… laid out how we can cut education funding by $200 million ...”

The white papers’ proposals and rationale:

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Ms. Huskinson, what revenue streams would you suggest? Increasing taxes is something Wyoming is extremely against, so that really is not an option. In fact, many of the candidates now want to cut taxes, even though taxes are quite low in Wyoming. Of course, I disagree with cutting education as we've already seen massive cuts.

but what if

The original topic being revenue streams, let's discuss actual funding of a basic education system during these financial times. Could we close all Community Colleges in Wyoming and funnel that money to K through 12, while allowing the University of Wyoming to receive the revenue stream from all college courses?


Hallinan proposed using protected funds for the Wyoming Public School system in January 2020.

Time for a change?


Sounds like somebody wants to raise taxes! How about cutting the administrators to only one superintendent, one principle or even shared principles. Look at cost cutting measures, don’t try to fix the system by putting more money into it. That hasn’t helped in LA, Chicago, etc, and it won’t fix anything here either.


The hypocrisy is so charming. You all don't want to pay for decent schools, you don't want to home school your kids during the pandemic, you don't want to have higher education for kids. Looking forward to the days when all the sub par educated kids join the ranks of the sub par educated adults.


Ka12. I don’t see anything in these comments about not educating the kids. Responsible spending is what I’m asking for. If taxes are raised, it will never be enough, the schools will want more! Same with the city, state and federal governments.

Further, why don’t they teach life skills in school: basic auto maintenance, basic home care, financial education, etc.


Well Rezident, if you are not willing to pay what it costs to educate children how do you expect them to get an education. What makes you think the school district is wasting money? Every time there is a hint that maybe we don't have enough revenue to pay for something like now when sales tax revenue is way down due to Covid and there is some mention that maybe taxes would need to be raised or services cut there is a lot of whining. Do you not understand math? And yes life skills should be taught to children how about parents maybe teaching some of those skills to their kids.


Educated? Do they even know what rights the American Constitution grants them? Do they know that women had fewer legal rights than colored people until 1974, in the USA? Closed schools is the blessing that came out of Covid.


I had the privilege of being an Elementary Teacher and Elementary Principal in the state of Wyoming for 32 years. I originally came from South Dakota, which was dead last in Teacher pay and benefits for the better part of the last 50 years. At the time, Wyoming was 7th in the nation for Teacher pay and benefits. While in Wyoming, we climbed up to #2 in the nation and during my entire 32 years, we were always in the top ten for teacher pay and benefits. As a Elementary Principal, I got to select from the finest candidates to teach in my building and care for my students. We have been so very fortunate with the true benefits going to our students. Please do not allow Wyoming schools to drop out of the Top 10 for Teacher pay and benefits. Our children deserve the best!!!!!


I hope I am misunderstanding your meaning. Top pay and benefits does not translate into a quality education for our children; it just means the children have teachers who are in the top 10 for pay and benefits.


Really? You don't think well paid teachers and well funded schools produce a better educated child? Take a look at the disparity in education between poorly funded school districts around the country as opposed to well funded districts. Blimey, educate yourself!


With that logic, we don't need teachers, eh, we'll just make minimum wage the highest in 10 states and that will make all employed people the best and the brightest.


News Record 9-10-2020 "Trustee Lisa Durgin agreed and pointed out that roughly 86%-88% of the district’s budget is earmarked for salaries, wages and benefits, and that only about 12% is spent on “the things we can see.”

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