This letter is written in response to Deb Michaels recent 8/25/20 progressive rattlesnake bite entitled "Our political lie is out of control" (spelled verbatim correct as printed), in which she slops on about our "small, socially and culturally challenged town of Gillette and rural Campbell County", and how we "have blossomed into today’s incredibly more modern, progressive and inclusive world." Hinting: After all, you worthless conservative people of Campbell County, and I quote: "I am, as are a great number of citizens here are, currently embarrassed to live in Campbell County", and further twisting the progressive knife with "You challengers of the current progressive mainstream have no idea how to govern systematically or to relate to your fellow citizens (or perhaps even to humanity)." Translation: You idiots better start thinking like California does, and New York does, and Chicago does, because they really are doing a good job. DUH?

Well, butter my 400 lb. Norwegian ears, and put the kids to bed early Martha, cause this may not be pretty.

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Amen Mr. Schofield!! When I read your letter, I clapped with joy!


Thank you greatly!


I decided I will have to keep writing the truth against these people, like all the rest of us try to do in order to help educate voters and save what we have, for our kids.


How cool is that? When I read my letter, I ALSO clapped with joy, because someone has to tell the truth during these times of unrest and turmoil. You sure as heck ain't gonna get it from big media like the AP.

Cap'n Bumbleguts

Yes, by all means cling to your guns, coal, and god. Look where it's gotten you today.

hey now

All due respect, Cap'n, this is where we've gotten by being silent on guns and Gods, and by letting those controlling the money deviate from American ways.

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