I’ve been a Gillette resident for 27 years, apart from when I was in college at the University of Wyoming. I currently teach kindergarten at Pronghorn Elementary and I coach track for Thunder Basin.

Along with all of this, I am also very ill and have to deal with frequent visits to doctors. By “frequent” I mean that in three months alone I’ve had 36 appointments. I suffer from several diseases, some diagnosed and some not. I have a kidney disease, cysts on multiple organs, stage 4 endometriosis, and several other illnesses.

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I worked at Campbell County Health and now live in Cheyenne and work for Cheyenne Regional Medical Center which is affiliated with UCHealth (sometimes I forget). It has been a wonderful experience and the Epic computer system is so much more advanced! It will only help CCH out!


CCMH needs to take some time to reflect upon it's myriad terrible decisions over the years...CCMH is entirely responsible for its current situation. Why is the concept of a remodel even in the minds of the trustees when the hospital is literally burning money? Why is there no discussion of REDUCING services? Why can't the gov't tighten it's belt like the rest of us? This boondoggle is a comedy of errors if I've ever seen one...


Affiliation with UCHealth would help Campbell County to give the best service to it's patients and the community. We don't need fewer healthcare services we need more. No one knows if or when they would need specialized care that is not available in Gillette. Unlike some people who can't see beyond the end of their nose i would like to have the best care available to me, especially with all the weird things happening to people who have survived Covid.

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