The controversy at the library started 18 months ago over sexually explicit books for children, gay pride month and a transgender person performing a magic show for our children. When a group of citizens heard about the magic show we formed a peaceful protest at the library. A few days after the protest there was a meeting at Pizza Carrello with 40 people from the LGBT community.

The following night a local church was vandalized. The next week the perpetrator met with the pastor of the vandalized church and was shocked to find out the church had nothing to do with the protest.

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Vomhof... As soon as that name appears, we in Gillette, have learned to expect unruly behavior, and an attitude that someone is out to get us. You and your group tries to look like concerned citizens, working and praying for the underdog with righteous intent to protect a wholesome way of life. You attend meetings and believe that if you disrupt and yell louder than everyone else, that you will get your way. You mentioned that you sought direction from Mass Resistance, which is labeled as a "hate group" by Wikipedia. That kind of help and coaching, we don't need in Gillette.


Seems like a very well thought out letter. I don't understand or think your criticism is warranted. Also, if Wikipedia is the standard for research, god help us all.

I liken this 18 month library fiasco to my two boys fighting over a toy. Maybe it's just time to shut it down and take the toy (library) away until both groups can learn to share (compromise).


Well, that would be the easy route that encourages more of the same behavior. It’s the Campbell County Public’s Library, not the Sisti Library. What’s next? Maybe Sisti thinks alcohol is bad. Shall we time out the bars until a compromise is reached? What happens when he says that two nearly naked boys rolling around on a mat until one of them ‘submits’ is arousing? There goes your wrestling programs until they meet with Mr. Sisti’s compromised approval.

Why do you think Dean Vomhof left out the part where the Bennetts believed the library board and library director were committing a crime by “offering for dissemination obscene material”? Oh, yeah, that’s the drama that ended with the Weston County Attorney Michael Stulken declining to pursue any charges saying “One would be hard pressed in a criminal prosecution to prove that the materials presented, when applying contemporary community standards and taking them as a whole, appeal to the prurient interest.” and “The books in question do not, when applying contemporary community standards, criminally describe sexual conduct in a patently offensive manner and they may have scientific value". ( prurient is an adjective that means: having or ENCOURAGING an excessive interest in sexual matters ) No, we wouldn’t want to bring that up in a very well thought out letter.

This is not two children fighting over a share toy. It’s an infantile group that wishes to impose their will on an adult community and draw attention to themselves by throwing tantrums. The infantile group needs a timeout to discourage future tantrums. Lucky for them it’s not 1950 or they would be getting a buttwhoopin’.


smeans42, no one needs Wikipedia to tell them Mass Resistance is a hate group, you should be able to figure that out all on your own by just reading the hate they inject into the articles on their website. There is no compromise when it comes to telling me or my family what we can read or the information we can have access to in a PUBLIC library. If you don't like the books, it is your right to not read them.


KA12 - There is no compromise? That seems to be our nation's greatest problem. There should always be some sort of compromise. Can the books be moved to a different section of the library? I'm sure some people want the books removed from the library (I'm not one) but I'm assuming most just don't want what could be considered pornographic material being accessible to children. Seems like a logical compromise to me.


The author of this letter is not exactly the sort of person I would accuse of having his nose pressed against a computer screen reading conspiracy theories on Facebook and reading nefarious blogs promoting blatant lies about people who don't fit his definition of the perfect human if you get my drift. Sadly it appears to be true. Too bad he doesn't direct his energy and time addressing the real issues in Campbell County such as alcoholism, drug use, diversifying the economy, youth programs, all to improve the quality of life for us all. Instead he reads facebook group forums such as Mass Resistance and frets over books in the library. My stars there are books in the libraries...


smeans42, there is NO compromise when it comes to our rights as citizens. The people on the other side of this issue have already tried to get charges filed under obscenity and pornography laws, but these books do not meet the threshold for that. People continuing to refer to them as pornographic are intentionally being misleading in order to generate support in their efforts to intrude upon people's choices.

The only compromise we should recognize in this issue is the one that allows parents to raise their children how they deem fit. We certainly don't need our government assuming that role.


A big issue showcased in this letter is that this group specifically targets Terri Leslie. The amount of harassment she has received is unwarranted. How many lies will this group spread to meet their goal? How many people will they drive away from this community?

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