I’ve personally seen no less than six people leave the gay lifestyle. I’ve personally seen people enter it. I’ve personally seen people become alcoholic, and I’ve personally seen people leave the alcoholic lifestyle.

Alcoholism is a “disease,” but do we give the children of alcoholics booze assuming they are condemned to this addiction perpetually, or do we therapeutically assist them in either avoiding or eventually overcoming addiction?

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Mr. Bennett I suggest you watch a Netflix documentary called Pray Away. I doubt you have ever known even one LGBTQ person let alone six.


So now we are getting our information from Netflix! hahahaha!


Better than some Facebook page or FOX I would say.


Mr. Bennett, please let us know when you plan to pull your head out of your hind quarters, as that explosion will be worse than Yellowstone. You are pathetic sir, or could it be ma’am?


Foot fetish to beastiality is a large jump. Should I assume that because you are a comedian who has spent time California around other comedians socialites and actors, you partake in child sex trafficking?

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