In the Sept. 30th issue of the Powell Tribune, there is an article about the Campbell County Public Library and a county commissioner that would like to pull funding from that library because of the inappropriateness of a book he found there.

We do not believe that funding should be pulled from any library because books are so important. Sadly, our libraries are not used as much as they used to be because there is so much on the internet but as long as printed and bound books exist libraries should also exist. After all, when the power goes out what are you going to read?

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Just keep your nose in Powell, you really don’t know half the story!


I agree wholeheartedly. He needs to go to the Powell Public Library and look for himself at what kinds of books children are exposed to.

Cap'n Bumbleguts

Good to see Gillette is still the laughing stock of the state. Wait until it becomes mainstream news and watch people continue to not move there for work, and continue to move out for greener pastures.


It does appear that Commissioner Shelstad enjoys "stirring the pot", on several issues, while always reflecting on his past military dedication to Truth, Justice, and The American Way. It looks as though he has a far right agenda, which is fine... just don't use it to cause trouble.

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