Neighbors, patriots, Republicans, read the Mueller report. It is online free; you can listen on Audible, or join the Mueller Book Club for helpful discussions along the way.

I sat with a group of friends on Saturday, casually calling ourselves CCCFI, Campbell County Catholics For Impeachment. We are educators, laborers, people of faith, election judges, and we are deeply concerned about what the Mueller report tells us.

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Innocent until proven guilty


I think the Russian Hoax has done nothing but waste time that could have been spent helping the country. If you want to support people who are all for killing unborn baby at any stage of their lives, and trying to turn our country into a Socialist one, that's your business. Maybe when your little Catholic group meets you could consider praying for our president to do what is right for our country instead of wanting him gone. Pretty soon you will all have the chance to vote again so deal with it. But just remember when you do vote for someone who has no problem killing unborn babies, you are voting against Catholic principles. If there would have been anyone running last time that had any moral values and cared about our country, maybe we would have a different president right now. So unless someone else is running who hasn't announced it yet...............................TRUMP 2020 !!! And by the way I am Catholic and try to live by Christian values.

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