Golly G-string, once again I feel compelled to respond to another out of control article about the library and the sex police in Gillette. Do none of these people have a vagina or engage in sex? The V-Word is a collection of essays written by young women in the hopes it will inspire other young women to ask questions of themselves, discover themselves, and know they are not alone in their feelings as they approach adulthood. I can see nothing wrong with showing teenage girls that they have a choice about their bodies, they have a choice to say no and feel good about themselves if they do. They have choices that they might not be told about especially if their parents don’t seem to comprehend the reality of sex and teenagers because their heads are filled with silly putty. Or you can just leave them all in the dark and deal with the consequences of unwanted pregnancy and an unhealthy relationship with sex for the rest of their lives. Which obviously happened to a bunch of you.

How many satanic rituals have the Sistis observed? This is absolute nonsense and more made up conspiracy theories by people who just can’t stand that not everyone believes in their God.

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