I sincerely hope that the citizens of America understand the Presidential campaign this year, which can only be described as "bizarre" as compared to any other in American history, including billionaire funded anarchists burning, looting, killing others and shooting the police in democrat run major cities, while raising even more funds or donating to get them out of jail.

Super leftie billionaire Mike Bloomburg is dumping 100 million in Florida to pay the fines of convicted felons so they can vote for Biden/Harris, while Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon billionaires keep sending checks to keep the fires burning and the looting going in American cities, as billionaire George Soros dumps millions and millions to install district attorneys in these cities that refuse to press charges for the above well funded domestic terrorists.

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Judy M

Good job Brad!


Yeah good job Brad! Love your constant rants about unproven conspiracy theories about democrats. Proving yet again how little you really know about what is going on the country and the world.

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